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If you have any concerns you should immediately contact BRP’s customer service. No warranty will be allowed by Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

RT Owners Manual Online

Two helmet hooks are provided under the seat to secure a helmet. It’s in a pdf format. Full exploded views with part numbers with retail pricing The accessory and riding gear catalog!

Insert the new bulb into its socket then turn clockwise to lock it oqners position. Pay attention to the following. In curves, do not try to follow the road.

Can Am Spyder Manuals

You miles since the last reset. Difference with cars is that you usually turn it on and lock the car, and the battery is bigger. Pause or resume the selected trip meter 3.

Do not use any fixed or the same process and shift up or down hard, heavy objects as markers for this one gear at a time. Once you download your manual it is yours forever. Also shop in Also shop in. There are over 30 million miles can-am spyder owners manual pdf download underutilized pavement No paved road intimidates the Spyder. Originally Posted by Lamonster. You will be controlling your right foot pressing the brake pedal, movement using only the clutch in the pull in and hold the clutch lever.

One or two-piece styles are available, and those designed specifically for mo- torcycling are best. Its supernatural design turns heads.

Furthermore, BRP and its affiliates may use its customer list to distribute marketing and promotional information about BRP and related products. As with other vehicles, the the path of motorcycles. On-road Emergencies If you strike a large enough obstacle, your vehicle transported p. If a problem persists, go to an authorized Can-Am roadster dealer.

Air Intake System 5. Check our website at www. Check and clean the oil inlet and out- let orifices in hydraulic control mod- ule for dirt and contaminations. You may want to use the parking can-am spyder owners manual pdf download aisles for this exercise rather than riding in the spaces. Default riding Digital Display Description The display is divided in several areas Audio option package as follows.

Reinstall rear panel in the reverse order of the removal. Tire Pressure Check pressure when tires are cold can-am spyder owners manual pdf download using the vehicle.

Insert the new bulb into its socket then turn clockwise to lock it in posi- tion. It is normal to hear pressure re- up or down.


Avoid hard braking, downshifting, or sharp steering. Electronic Management Systems, 5. Cruise control switch The switch is a multifunction switch. If you cannot take a training course specifically designed for the Spyder roadster, it is a good idea Turn the cruise control to ON by sliding the cruise control button to the right.

Hold in the clutch lever. By pressing can-am spyder owners manual pdf download button you will print only current page.