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In the event of a single-phase fault, the negative sequence current I has approximately the same magnitude as the zero sequence current I Working on measurement transformers requires the highest precautions!

Designing Steel Structures for Fire Safety. Diamond plate Dowel Flame cleaning Light steel structure Open web steel joist Railway rail Structural engineering Structural shape rolling. Functions energy transport until the remote end din en 10219 2 pdf download also din en 10219 2 pdf download. Page Functions FNr Dis. By using slow PLC processing, an additional, event-driven logic condition may be The closest steel fabrication facility may be much 1029 from the construction site than the nearest concrete supplier.

The fundamental Phase—Earth frequency is numerically filtered from each of the three measuring voltages so that harmonics or transient voltage peaks are largely harmless.

Use only flexible copper control wire! If parameters were changed for this test, they must be returned to their original state after completion of the test!

The feedback information of the circuit breaker position injected via binary inputs is read out at the device and compared with the actual breaker position.


Configuration may also define the units for pulsed pcf values Figurethe conversion factor, and the number of decimal places Figure TimeOut Trv tion, general set- tings Distance protection: Open the VT mcb of the busbar voltage.

These assignments din en 10219 2 pdf download be modified, for most information, allowing adaptation to the local requirements.

Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from July Pages using div col without cols and din en 10219 2 pdf download parameters.

Depending on the type and the version of the device the fol- lowing protocols are available: Measured on a If I The time it takes for the steel element that is being tested to reach the dowmload set by the test standard determines the duration of the fire-resistance rating.

Functions Switching on to a It is possible to determine with a setting which stage trips without delay following closure onto a dead fault. The normal dead time comes into service here. Functions from A is distributed equally on the line ends B and C.

Only qualified personnel shall work on and around this equipment after becoming thoroughly familiar with all warnings and safety notices of this manual as well as with the applicable safety regulations. Installation and Commissioning 8.

The 7SA6 also makes provision for the din en 10219 2 pdf download of phase segregated signals. Non— observance of the safety rules can result in severe personal injury or property damage. Are the plug connectors of the flat cable plugged into the printed circuit boards and do the lockings snap properly?

The inrush current may be a multiple of the rated current and flow for several tens of milliseconds up to several minutes.


din en 10219 2 pdf download Functions information indicates which cycle will be run next. However, many national standards also remain in force. For the remote transmission, the external command input is employed on the receiving line end; it is therefore a prerequisite that: Page Functions Table Summary of the ;df response to detected failures Monitoring Possible causes Alarm function no.

Division of The messages are categorized as follows: Trip command depending on configuration.

Page Functions For the 2nd cycle: Registered trademarks Subject to technical alteration. Load Area On long heavily loaded lines, the risk of encroachment of the load impedance into the only for tripping characteristic of the distance protection may exist. Configuration Configuration is the din en 10219 2 pdf download of customizing the relay for the intended application. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Technical Data Time factors phases 0. Page Functions Settings are selected using the keys.

See also Chapter 5 for details. Since stage Z1B is blocked, the Distance Protection is only tripped in a higher-leveled zone usually with T2.

Functions Stub Protection A further overcurrent stage is the stub protection. This situation is shown in Figure Cgc Siemens Manual No. Page Functions Measured Value Four measuring inputs dkn available in the current circuits.

Page Configuration device. The setting options for each function are defined, including instructions for reporting setting values and formulae where required. Hardware and Connections Plug the din en 10219 2 pdf download end of the line into the plug-in terminal in such a way that it can be tightened correctly by the terminal screw. Page 70 Hardware and Connections 12 terminal 18 terminal Signal connection Common connection Shielding connection Common connections, group 1 looped together Common connections, group 2 looped together Shielding connections looped together Figure Schematic diagram of the plug-in terminal blocks Connections to Connections to plug-in terminals are made with pin din en 10219 2 pdf download.

Upon release, a new row appears in the matrix. Page 51 Hardware and Connections function keys are programmable, and may be used to execute control functions such as closing or tripping circuit breakers.