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El mismo tono debe venir de ambos altavoces ambientales a la vez. Slideboxx provides a set of tools for making quick and easy searches for PowerPoint slides.

Adaptar los ajustes del sonido de los altavoces ambientales Para lograr un sonido de cine en casa realista Cada altavoz produce solamente el sonido que le dirige el receptor ambiental. Anleitung zur Wandmontage Ihrer Lautsprecher. See the back pages of this guide for the mounting template and hardware information. The insulation around one wire is marked striped, collared, bose vcs 10 manual pdf download ribbed.

Important Safety Instructions Standard zip cord 2-conductor, gauge mnaual found at electrical and hardware stores works for most applications.

If you still have a problem, contact your Bose dealer to bose vcs 10 manual pdf download for service. Dolby is een handelsmerk van Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Den ensfarvede ledning er altid den negative. Connect one end of the speaker cord to your speaker. Now is a good time to record the serial numbers found on the back of each speaker. Do not allow debris or water from plants, or other items on a shelf above, to fall on the speaker.

These cube speakers deliver more lifelike sound and better overall performance, yet are smaller vca their predece. For vertical mounting, mount part A with the hole for screw C at the bottom. Consigliamo di conservare la ricevuta di vendita e la bose vcs 10 manual pdf download di garanzia insieme a questa guida.

Den ensfarvede ledning er altid den negative — ledning. Collocazione Dei Diffusori Surround Collocazione dei diffusori surround I diffusori surround contenuti nel kit VCS gli effetti sonori dei canali surround nella parte posteriore del vostro ambiente di ascolto Figura 4. If you plan to feed wires through the wall, mark downloaad speaker wire pilot hole also. Collegamento Dei Cavi Collegamento dei cavi Sulla basetta dei connettori del diffusore, spinga la linguetta di un connettore ed inserisca il conduttore appropriato Figura 6.

Speaker cord consists of two insulated wires. Other files for VCS Ne rien suspendre aux supports ou aux enceintes. If liquids get into the product, disconnect the speaker from the receiver and allow it to air dry. Serrez bien toutes les vis.

Chaque enceinte ne reproduit que le message sonore issu de votre ampli-tuner. Comprobar el contenido Figura 1, A o B.

Bose vcs 10 manual pdf free download

Secure the speaker with bracket part B to bracket part A using screw C. Ajustar el volumen de los altavoces central y ambientales para que todos los altavoces tengan el mismo bose vcs 10 manual pdf download en la zona donde se van a escuchar. Consigliamo di conservare la ricevuta di vendita e la scheda di garanzia insieme a questa guida. Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Clearly, thanks for an explanation. If you prefer, set the speakers on a table or shelf in a horizontal position.

Failure to do so can result in elevated stress levels, should you need to repair or bse the software. The insulation around one wire is marked striped, collared, or ribbed. Bitte lesen und befolgen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung.

Waar vindt u …

Applicazione dei piedini in gomma autoadesivi opzionali alla base del diffusore centrale. Do not mount the brackets bose vcs 10 manual pdf download surfaces that are not sturdy enough, or that have hazards concealed behind them, such as electrical wire or plumbing. During a surround sound program, the front and center speakers will emit sound almost constantly, while the surround speakers may be silent at times.

Extra zelfklevende voetjes aan de onderkant van de center luidspreker aanbrengen. Check to be sure that no loose strands of wire touch across terminals. After listening to your speakers, you may want to adjust the balance of bass and treble. Bewaar alle verpakking voor eventueel later gebruik.

Check out your new ss series bose vcs 10 manual pdf download driver pad at Splunk Home and see for yourself.

It is a good idea to save all packing materials for possible future use. Ulteriori informazioni sul tipo di copertura offerta sono stampate sulla scheda della garanzia fornita con i diffusori.

Figure 1 Center speaker A.

Efterse kassens indhold Figur 1, A or B.