Jay April 27, at 6: I checked Windows update and found an Intel Graphics update in the optional updates. Rashid Chaki April 25, at 7: So I ended in uninstall — reinstall and now everytime i do it its giving me the error: One thing I can suggest from the top of my head is to turn on 3D acceleration under virtualbox.

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I believe it is because they found way too many bugs in it for Windows 8 operating system. The graphics card is required by Bluestacks for a lot of things that it does.

chipseg Jayshree June 14, at 1: Please check back soon for us to publish an update. Error is not only due to driver. Tags Bluestacks error Bluestacks driver error Bluestacks errors Bluestacks graphics error.

I would really appreciate your help. You should be able to just run it. Error is weird. Why don’t you help me in this goal and send me some of your knowledge to share with others? Intel Chipset family, graphic driver updated. Try it if you want fileml.

But intel r 8294g express chipset family gives me a display driver problem whenever i try to install some other apps. Share it on sites you visited if it works for you too! Muke March 15, at Kiah December 2, at 4: Try opening your task manager and go to the process tab. Mike August 19, at 9: Mansi August 19, at 9: My graphic card drivers are uptodate then also it is giving an error that your drivers are not updated so what to do now?

Display driver also shows working properly under device manager, and windows detecting that intel r 8294g express chipset family graphics card driver is up-to-date. You can do the following and get it working flawlessly. It should work fine. Yes, I have tried hard to find a working solution to run Bluestacks on previous generation of machines but all in vain.

Christopher January 9, at 3: Can we get the old version? My graphic driver is already updated then to there is error occuring while installing bluestacks ,why so…????? I already used BlueStacks when I was asked to update. We are trying to find out if intel r 8294g express chipset family is a workaround.

Nishad January 26, at 4: Mario Avila April 9, at 7: Where we can just run Whatsapp not any other android application. Intel express chipset family RAM: Please contact support bluestacks. However, we are trying to find an alternative so check back soon for it. It is a much better OS than XP. For instance, if you installed RocketDock, you will not be able to install Bluestacks.

Bluestacks installation errors including graphics card incompatibility issue

Intel r 8294g express chipset family installation I get the following message. Vlada T February 21, at 4: Is this only happening with Bluestacks or other programs as well? If you installed id before a month we suggest you to uninstall it and then reinstall the version from our link above. Let us all know how it fmily. You might have to change the proxy settings inside Bluestacks though.

Mike November 18, at 4: Jules February 16, at Harsh April 14, at 8: Is there any way bluestacks will work in my virtual box?

I have constantly updated all my devices but it still persists with the error. Yash Chavda September 13, at 6: