Could it be something easy to repair or most likely the motherboard is dead? It also could be a problem with the LCD screen. If the laptop turns on but there is nothing on the screen internal or external the first thing to check would be the memory module. Is there any other solution. The Parallel plug will not work on newer models. My Compaq V will boot but the problem is it will randomly freeze I deleted unneed material but when I hit one of my short cuts or hit the start menu my comoputer freezes, does any one have any ideas?

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How to remove BIOS password from Toshiba

Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Pareethu Najeeb June 29, At your suggestion I will contact Toshiba psn70e the extended warranty.

My power adapter failed before and no lights were present unlike the current situation so I had kind on ruled that satelllte. Nayan February 29, Guilliem March 9, I can repeat the process over and over with the same results. Damian June 4, There toshiba satellite psm70e no other action on the laptop.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

It will be off completely off, and if I touch my reload or refresh button at the top of the Toshiba satellite psm70e it will magically come back on. Ad nothing happens there after. Any clue what could be wrong? Anonymous, Test the hard drive first.

Fernando, What if you remove the hard drive and try turning it on without the hard drive installed. Then when I started the computer I found this mystifying problem.

AC adaptor checked fine. Toshiba satellite psm70e you have to try a few times until the BIOS password removed. The motherboard has been replaced thrice.

Finally, start taking the laptop apart piece by piece and test it after each step.

Satellite M – Toshiba

Thanks a million for the info. AC Power light on and appears to be working. When I press the power button, the power light shows up, but as soon as I release the button, the light dissapears and the laptop doesnt start nothing on toshiba satellite psm70e screen.

Can it be the processor or the board?

Anarki November 29, When pressing the power button, my computer shows the windows schreen, then immediatley goes to a black screen with nothing on it except a toshiba satellite psm70e at the top sztellite hand corner for a few seconds. The laptop then asks me to choose the operating system and then starts normally.

The OD lights up toshiba satellite psm70e spins.

If the laptop is still dead and shows no signs of life, probably you have a failed motherboard. Very, very thank you my friend, and God Bless you and yours.

Parece que está usted utilizando un navegador anticuado

I will appreciate any suggestion. Although the time and other information stays on time and order.

It will not fully boot. Works like a charm when it is wired right, I satelilte a wire when I originally wired this plug and of course it did not work but after I checked my wiring satelllite corrected the problem I turned the on toshiba satellite psm70e straight to windows we went. If you cannot find it locally, you can order one from the Internet.

ComputerTech July 16, The power button on your IBM laptop is located on the keyboard. I found this website and did toshiba satellite psm70e of the suggestions and it booted up. Does it still take a few minutes to boot the laptop to the toshiba logo or it appears right away?