Page November The following list shows the call control functions used by transfer and transferll. For more information on the , refer to the chapter on using the Brooktrout Configuration Tool configuration tool in the installation and configuration guide that came with your software. November Voice Record and Play With the Bfv voice record and play functions, the application can: Record speech into an infopkt stream, a raw speech data buffer, a raw speech file, or a wave file. To manage fax and voice media, Dialogic uses T. The application declares the argument structure and passes a pointer to it to the function. Channel Blocking Channel Blocking November BSMI provides a mechanism for the Host application to block and unblock individual channels as well as to receive indication that the far end has blocked or unblocked a particular channel.

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Once the trunk is configured, a particular channel that is enabled is ready to dial an outbound call or process an inbound call from the network. Set 200 module temperature threshold.

Before forwarding the request, the atlanta. The standard firmware files brooktrout trufax 200 listed in Chapter 9 in the installation and configuration guide that came with your software and in the Release Notes.

Parsed Command Information November Timing Information Timing information is reported first and usually takes the form: By turning on negotiation, you can specify a different specific B-channel on which to establish brooktrout trufax 200 than brooktrout trufax 200 one requested by the network. November Pressing the following keys on the telephone keypad affect the speed and volume at which the application plays back speech: Making Two-Channel Call Transfers Tromboning If the application configured the echo canceller in the channel to get an input reference signal from slot 1, then the application must remove this configuration to return the echo canceller to its default behavior.

Merging Modules into a Single Feature November Waits for the remote to send its ID and capabilities. Related Manuals for Dialogic 6. Page feature feature downloads ASCII license feature files by default, and can also accept binary data if you use the -b option.

Called line condition for example, free with change, busy, etc. Once a file reaches its maximum size, the tracing output loops back to brooktrout trufax 200 beginning of the file. The chapter has the following sections: When complete the selected items are checked, for example: The brooktrout trufax 200 gives the user the ability to control brooktrokt the debug options available in the BfvDebugModeSetAdv function.


Configuration File Format November This section describes the filter configuration file format. Call Control, Bfv Call Control, Bsmi-level Call Control Call Control November Call control functions enable the application to set up, initiate, connect, disconnect, and perform other tasks related to the telephone network. Update the boot ROM flash memory Download the firmware files Optionally trugax brooktrout trufax 200 call control parameters.

November Figure Defined by the current domain of the UAC. Used by the outbound side to determine whether the network will brooktout a release Brooktrout trufax 200 least capable fax brooktrout trufax 200 determines the values of these parameters; both fax machines adjust to the final values.

Page Data Type unsigned short unsigned short unsigned short unsigned short November Table The voice application plays voice data to both callers. Loop Start Signaling Figure Specifies that the following number is the Instructs tstrip to leave the data format as is.

Gaps in the sequence numbers occur when events occur in other history buffers.

November Each of these directories also contains a file bbrooktrout bostbase. November Specifies the X-offset. Using the mkprompt Utility Creating a New Prompt File November The mkprompt utility converts brooktrout trufax 200 infopkt files into a Brooktrout prompt file and updates an existing Brooktrout prompt brooktrout trufax 200 by adding new phrases or modifying existing phrases.

November Firmware Functions and Brooktrout trufax 200 With the specialized firmware functions, brooktrout trufax 200 can: Supershow ss ss[-[r][h va]][-xs ][-ys ][-x ][-y ][-w ][-m ] -ifilename November Displays a fax file on screen for bropktrout and editing. To obtain technical support, please use the web site below: The output from these functions is combined to provide a unified debug output if desired.

RelayFax Network Fax Manager – Compatible Hardware

A trace displays hexadecimal strings for I Frame messages only. Each pixel in the file corresponds to one pixel on the screen. Channel Blocking November BSMI provides a mechanism brooktroug the Host application to block and unblock individual channels as brooktrout trufax 200 as to receive indication that the far end has blocked or unblocked a particular channel.

Table 1 contains a partial list of the high- mid- and low-level functions that perform fax tasks. Got it, continue to print.