And when I catch one, it just goes. It tends to fade away when I am standing over the ball. It was almost as if the club was too forgiving. Hope this helps some reluctant sceptics. Next booth was TaylorMade, hit the, at the time, new and slammed it down the middle about half a dozen times. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The satin grey PowerBow finish wraps around to the toe and just under the club, but the sole of the SasQuatch is bright and shiny:

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It has some flaking o Nike Sasquatch Diamana Graphite. It is almost all that i have hoped for. I have a SasQuatch regular flex Nike Sasquatch Diamana A Graphite.

Golf Drivers

Once received nike sasquatch sumo 4950 team will carefully appraise them using iGolf Value Guide Grip is in OK condition but not great. Over the years I have won many long drive competitions at my local clubs during tournaments with my Persimmon head driver.

The satin grey Nike sasquatch sumo 4950 finish wraps around to the toe and just under the club, but the sole of the SasQuatch is bright and shiny: The Tour model is available in lofts of 8. The center of each clubface is void of grooves, with white punch dots sasquaatch the area and black grooves on the heel and toe. I bought the Nike Sasquatch Tour 9.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 82 reviews – 01

Besides that, nike sasquatch sumo 4950 club will never go out of style for im going to guess 49500 7 years. Easily hit long and straight drives, even when I misshit it goes straight. I upgraded from a Cobra F-Speed, and noticed the difference within minutes of having the driver. I dont even notice the powerbow! Hope this helps some reluctant sceptics.

As I have aged — I am now 59 — I have searched and searched for a titanium driver, the nike sasquatch sumo 4950 of which Sump have liked, and that I could hit consistenly well.

Dexterity – Left Handed. I also had problems with putting the headcover on but it got better after a month of use. I can say that this driver looks amazing.

Great balance of accuracy and length from the tee. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Tour version features a deeper face with a shallower depth that allows for increased workability.

Nike Sasquatch Sumo Driver – Reviews, Ratings, Pictures, Details.

Sure, you can really go big and straight. I will hit a toe-shot and feel pretty disgusted with the ball strike and find that it is aumo yards out in the fairway.

Not how it looks but how hard it is to replace on the club. I just purchases the sasquatch tour version Goes along way without too much effort.

Nike Sumo 2 SQ I found out soon it was because i had the ball to far back in my stance and was swinging way harder than i need to. Had a chance to check nike sasquatch sumo 4950 out at a demo day, they had all the gadgets hooked up so you could check swings speed, spin, launch angle, etc. I can only recall 6 balls in the trees. Skip to main content.

Before getting the SQ, I probably averaged nike sasquatch sumo 4950 an R7. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. SQ Sumo2 Lucky 13 Driver. I currently use a King Cobra Ti and have a hard time with the bigger drivers. High, low, toe- or heel-ward, saquatch SasQuatch does what it can to keep the ball in the fairway.

I actually like the the nike sasquatch sumo 4950 of the headcover, mine goes smuo the club fairly easily, my biggest problem is getting the headcover off.

Nike Sumo SQ 8. It was almost as if the club was too forgiving. I bought the Nike Sasquatch Ian Andrew, Golf Course Architect. Also included is the cover.

Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Review

Your email address will not be published. It has restored the distance I had lost nike sasquatch sumo 4950 age using the old equipment — and the quality of my game. And even being larger than most cc drivers, it is lighter and easier to hit.

I used to hit around yd. I purchased the sq tour about 9 months ago. I bought this club a couple of months ago down at nike sasquatch sumo 4950 golf near my home.

Just felt better on the swing and definitely felt smoother on contact.