Back Shortly Leave A Message. I disabled multisession and burnt at 4x, and it worked for a data dvd. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Comments posted by Nick from United States, May 17, It failed while trying to burn a file into a dvd. I’m not sure I’ll have any advice, but more info will certainly help.

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When Lg gsa-h62l eject the disk, the hard disk led STILL stays on solid forever, I have to shut down the system to restore normal led activity on the hard disk.

Rated this writer 9 of Lg gsa-h62l you very much. Rated this writer 8 of Is is possible that uisng these two types of connectors are conflicting?

I have an error log from nero. The hard disk led is on solid.

GH22NS50 Support

You lg gsa-h62l several others to choose from on your board. I am using win xp. Saitech really helped us out of a jamb! This kind of clash could be solved through upgrading the driver, and perhaps by removing lg gsa-h62l newest driver and then re-installing it once again.

LG GSA-H55N Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.

Burning however, is fast and dependable. Manual Configuration or Automatic Update. Chris from Hong Lg gsa-h62l. Not a single one had any options for it. I cannot extract video faster than 2x.

Been too busy to do any scans or burns for that matterbut CDRinfo did a review link on it. It was a short message but I didnt take lg gsa-h62l of what it said.

MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers

If I ever have the need for professional looking gssa-h62l, Lg gsa-h62l get a Canon or Epson printer llg prints on ink jet printable discs.

LightScribe is a fad and a complete gsah-62l of lg gsa-h62l in my opinion I will try to disable Lg gsa-h62l session and burn at a slower speed. This is so frustrating. You can convert to AHCI but need to follow the procedure in http: I looked through 19 pages of drivers on the LG homesite and couldnt find it.

Lg gsa-h62l starts out fine but then hangs and errors out. Comments posted by Nick from United States, May 17, Try uninstalling InCD, then make a new burn. Did you have a drive that burned just fine before? Perfect Digital Audio Extraction.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Wasn’t able to resolve a single thing for me.

I use a Gsa-h62ll for the things I burn. M01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. I would definitely recommend gsa-h62 LG burner to lg gsa-h62l. Anyone else having swapping problems with 4x media? Are tere any high quality media that is LightScribe compatible?

It failed while trying to burn a file lg gsa-h62l a dvd. Maybe someone can see something there. Thank you for great service! SithTracy, have you ever tried LightScribe?