Using only Epson-tested media is critical to prolonging the life of the printhead in your Epson thermal printer. The POS Printers print to continuous rolls of paper. What this means is that you can save certain reports and take them home and easily view or print them again without even having POS Pizza installed on the other computer! If you have added on the Enhanced Caller ID, you will also have full reporting of inbound calls, outbound calls, and call statistics which are very useful for helping you determine your telephone line usage. The Full versions require a license you can use either with a valid license , and the Free version is completely Free to use as long as you want.

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View their order history, or even import an old order as a new order.

This program offers economically-priced extended warranties with multi-year limited warranty coverage. Look up customers by name, street, customer ID, or phone number. With POS Pizza that’s the nice thing Just download it epson tm88 begin using it absolutely free! This data is stored in your current database and can later be retrieved or searched for reporting purposes. Defective dongles will be replaced free of charge.

Covered repairs are performed free of charge, including parts and epson tm88.

You can decide if and which items purchased will give the customer points, as well as sell items for Epson tm88 number of points if the customer has the points available. An extremely cost-effective alternative to expensive epson tm88 repair service, this program express-ships a replacement unit to you overnight.

Shipping both ways is always on us, with pre-paid shipping label and instructions included with the replacement unit. POS Pizza makes keeping track of your customers easy.

You can use the inventory system to get detailed, or you can just use it for general reporting, or not at all. Did a customer write epson tm88 a bad check?

Please enter your contact information and questions: You can gm88 epson tm88 not to print at all, or only to print at certain stations. Low components will also show in yellow or red depending on how low they are at the time in the order-entry modules whenever you are adding items to an order that epsonn these toppings or components.

No problem, mark that customer and they will epson tm88 be able to pay by check again.

Point of Sale Solutions

Find a Service Provider. You epson tm88 start out with everything, or start small and build up as you need to. You can start out with everything, or start small and build up as you need to. More than 1 Order entry station requires a node license for each extra station.

We apologize, it looks like the system is down. This is hardly an issue with todays mt88. You can epson tm88 what each employee can do, where they can log in, and what features that they have access to, once they get there. Tested media Using only Epson-tested media is critical to prolonging the life of the printhead epson tm88 your Epson thermal printer. Once t,88 is done a refund will be issued to the original purchaser of the software. The Dine-In Module allows you to manage wait staff, tables, sections, and reservation scheduling in your full service sit-down restaurant.

There are also reports for your least popular products as well as best sellers, top XX products, Profits, Delivery Times, Drawer Closeouts, and more.

Setting up the server is a fairly easy process, and the client packages can all auto-detect the server making setup even easier yet! Explore these recommended links: The POS Printers epson tm88 to continuous rolls of paper. Get it Now For Free! Give credits to customers or allow customers to run tabs or have in-house accounts. The choice is entirely yours. Upgrade pricing is available if your current version is 4.

POS Pizza also helps you track your employees. If you’re interested epson tm88 becoming authorized as a service provider, you must meet certain Epson requirements. If you are running a single station, then you don’t even need to worry about setting up a server since POS Pizza also gives you a epson tm88 stand alone version [SA]. Epson’s comprehensive ExpressCare program gives you the epson tm88 selection of service options, so you can pick tm88 most cost-effective way to epson tm88 your equipment up and running.

Epson Thermal Receipt Printer Model MH TM88 TM-T88IV, TM88IV

OmniLink Epson tm88 Services Expand the impact of your legacy POS investment and enable enhanced customer experiences with the features, functions and programs of newer POS systems at a fraction of the cost.

An Epson Authorized Servicer can provide you with diagnostic service, assistance and options to minimize expenses while delivering the high quality service you’ve come to expect from Epson. Also generate customer reports, customer epson tm88 labels, and Top 20 customer reports by total spent, or by total epson tm88 and more.