This will clear any crap stuck in memory. Now tried another pc and same result. Results 1 to 14 of When i got mine i spent about 2days messing about with loading different versions of vida, before i got it working. They supplied vida but the dice firmware was !

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Just covering the basics first with the drivers and memory clearing.

How to make Computer detect DICE when USB cable is connected?

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Always ensure that the vehicle is connected to a battery charger before connecting DiCE to the vehicle. I got same results as you in terms of driver volvo dice usb to date but not recognised.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Regards Duncan Has your Dice ever worked with your current setup? I didn’t have a computer to test volvo dice usb the unit, tried it with Forddiesel’s computer and it does’t communicate. Ddice supplier agreed with me that something is wrong, so Volvo dice usb sent it back for testing and replacement. Reliable transmission is important when updating the firmware.

DiCE not working arghhhhh [Archive] – Volvo Owners Club Forum

Volvo dice usb driver files should be in the following location: Newer Post Older Post Home. Youve just reminded as well that i have setup sitting in a box and need to advertise it.

There should be a sub level DiCE If you have another computer, you could install DiCE software only and test it, but the result would probably be the same. I volvo dice usb to work my way back into the past with versions until one works. What’s happening with it exactly? I doubt it is the firmware in the Dice.

If i open up vida or the dice diagnostics it picks up a dice unit as it shows volvo dice usb id number, but if i try to connect with either it fails. Hmm, have you tried powering off the laptop and removing the battery. Thanks for all your help As a long shot i thought i would try some older version of DiCE diagnostics by uninstalling the only the volvo dice usb each on each release.

Firmware status light keeps blinking. Rich I get the same result whether connected to car or power supply. Hi, Having just volvo dice usb very similar problems myself, very recently on setting up my new system and getting the very same errors on the diagnostic part of the VIDA software. I couldn’t even get vida to load on a freshly installed windows 7 pro laptop without loads of hassle!

You can usually download the latest drivers from the laptop manufactures website. Sorry to bump this thread, but Arrrrgh my Dice is not working To set DiCE as the volvo dice usb communication tool, see section 1. Have also but using Usv since it requires less hardware.

volvo dice usb From where or whom did you buy the DICE? I wish it was that easy, but i cant get that far as DiCE wont communicate with jsb via USB, it can weirdly see it but wont do anything else. I am using XP SP3.

for volvo vida dice ori diagnostic tool usb cable 2018 newest high quality

S60R XC90 T6 Happy days, it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant get the usb comm light to come on which I guess the problem: Has it ever been detected?

I now can get comms with d version dice diagnostics: I ll keep you posted what happens.