I believe this works. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback and such positive comments. I tried copying from other sources and still keeps on failing to install. I just figured these directions might work, considering I was having the exact same problem Bluetooth peripheral device not connecting , and my computer had the exact same errors and resolutions. Hello mic, No problem. What are you using o sync contacts?

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What all has been attempted to resolve the issue? Any advice what to do next? I am unable to install my iphone 4 to the new laptop I have, OS Windows 7.

Thank blueototh for sharing your expertise.

I then updated the driver to be the one in the directions mobile device. Bookmarked for future reference.

Windows 7 Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error, iPhone Driver Issue – Question Defense

It sounds as if Bluetooth is working on both devices but only the iPhone is discoverable and the Windows computer is not discoverable. What specifically happens when you attempt to complete the connection?

The steps in the article are the steps I was able to take to successfully install the drivers on a Iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device 7 Ultimate bit computer. Now, you can possibly receive music and audio at your windows PC buetooth laptop from your iphone and receive SMS message too. Now, go to the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and try to connect to your iPhone so you can do something with it:. It shows an error.

How to make iPhone 4s with iOS6 beta a peripheral device? – Stack Overflow

Hello Zen, I am not sure Bluetioth have any new ideas beyond what you have already attempted. Before you installed the Mobile Device Center did the Device Manager show any devices not installed properly? Notify me of new posts via email.

Asus Republic of Gamers, Windows 7, iphone 4. Bluetooth Smart devices include only a single-mode low energy Bluetooth v4. Thanks iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device for your outstanding effort Pablo.

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! A couple different messages will display iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device the install process of Windows Mobile Device Center. However, when i try to send files from my phone to the computer it says connection failed.

It iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device like you have tried everything that worked for me. You write clearly and effectively.

Hey thank you so much!!!!!!!! Modifying the Windows Update driver install policy was easy though you can choose from a couple different options so make sure you completely understand them before modifying this configuration.

I find it odd that Apple don’t seem to mention this anywhere as it’s pretty pperipheral to want to likn an IPhone 4 periphedal a Windows 7 PC for thethering without iphobe cable isn’t it?

I wrote an article specifically about using the iphone to play music through your computer which you can view by clicking here. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Windows 7 64-Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error, iPhone Driver Issue

Where can I get this BT device driver? Do you see the iPhone on the computer when attempting to connect? Previously I have no problem sending files from my phone to PC via Bluetooth. Is there another link for aW7 compatable version? Thanks for the compliments and for taking the time to post feedback. If you issue is with Bluetooth the iPhone is fairly limited in its functionality so my personal suggestion would be to just use a USB cable. Hello RandyTan, No problem.

See larger image iPhone: This work around was iphone 4s bluetooth peripheral device helpful.