Review Sections Review Specs. Thank you soooo much! The solution I found for this problem, no kidding, please after closing the cam even with the error appearing,is to remove the battery off the cam keeped in on position. It all happened when I took a tape out to take the lock setting off and then when shutting the door again, it just didn’t do anything and ruined any filming possibilities. Hit the bottom several times. This will allow to seprate the LCD part from camcorder not entirely – so watch out for wires; but it makes the gap big enough for screwdrivers to enter. I put a new tape in and the door won’t close.

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Sony eSupport – HDR-HC3 – Support

I never got any movement from the cassette, but after applying power 3 or 4 times, I decided to put the battery hrd and try it. Resolution Effective Still Resolution.

I put a tape into the tray, held it closed and attached the wires again.

Thanks for everyone who provided their help above: He said the “date battery” drained and it reset everything.

Peter Thu, 25 Dec But why didn’t the latch close? Turn the camera on tape, memory, edit settings for 15 seconds.

On the screen, it should say “re insert cassette” or something like that Each time, and over the years SONY was falling behind the wall of silence. At this point it does not want to return the cassette itself.

Joaquin Soony, 21 Jan And while it would be thoroughly satisfying to stomp this devil camera into a pile of parts, I’m sony hdr – hc3 to keep searching for a solution. I have ejected and inserted tapes over and over again and it works every time! The “hitting” solution unfortunately did aony work for me and neither did contacting Sony’s on-line support sony hdr – hc3.

After smacking, remove the power source i. So I need it repair free of change The tape will move down to its place.

Sony HDR-HC3 HDV 1080i Handycam

This is the funniest thing l have ever seen So far I have tried several method mentioned here, none work yet, I will try battery method. Reset for 15 secs. Many thanks to all.

Nick Tue, 16 Jun I had a Juanito Fri, 22 Jul I’m a certified sony hdr – hc3 technician for 27 years highly trained, skilled and specialized on all Sony video formats from 8mm to DVR.

This was of no success. I have tried everything except for applying power to the motor.

Although one problem is that I have to hold the door in place for it to start shutting as it used to sony hdr – hc3 the door into place, but now it doesn’t but better than not working at all! I successfully employed the 2.

And therefore it was this post that halped me: I tried everything you guys mentioned without luck. Never before I have sony hdr – hc3 such a situation but I was learning. Refer to Constantine’s article from December 8th, and Dave’s from November 30th, Martin Sat, 20 Mar