Documents stored on the hard drive are displayed as thumbnails and up-close previews on the device touchscreen. Fuji Xerox introduces a solution that empowers you with top security for all your electronic and paper documents. SRA3 x mm , 12 x 18″ This means that users can avoid being on guard while waiting for their printouts – letting them make better use of their billable time. Device Setup Tool allows for simplified device configuration and administration, and lets you easily clone configurations to other similar devices on the network.

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An extensive reporting capability enables traceability of costs within workgroups.

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific

It also provides information apeosport-iv c3373 which devices are heavily used and breaks down often so you can make informed decisions on apeoslort-iv your office equipment. LED print head technology makes it possible to build apeosport-iv c3373 smaller devices and reduces power consumption. Save time by storing the settings of frequently printed documents as favourites in your print driver. Internet FAX feature without using telephone lines.

Depending on the complexity of your environment and business needs, apeosport-iv c3373 Fuji Xerox Business Alliance and Consulting Services Apeosport-iv c3373 group provides document consulting, system design, development and project management services to assist you with your integration or customisation requirements.

Cutting edge scanning functionality opens the door to better ways of getting work done.

Manage colour printing to minimise costs Control costs by nominating when colour can be used, and by whom. Internal security provides an additional measure of security, providing IP filtering, domain filtering and port blocking. This enables the apeosport-iv c3373 to activate only the modules required by the user, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Faxes are sent and received through an IP-based network such as the internet.

Next, these captured images are seamlessly transferred to a core server with ‘OCR’ technology, and are indexed and stored according to their job information. For example, set two-sided printing or choose N-up apeosport-iv c3373 printing multiple pages on a single sheet as apeosport-iv c3373 default.

Device authentication restricts access to copy, print, scan apeosport-iv c3373 fax features by validating user names and passwords before use.

To speed apeosport-iv c3373 copying and faxing To speed up copying and faxing an express apeisport-iv copy and fax feature is available that displays only apeosport-iv c3373 basic settings. This clever technology eliminates unnecessary operational steps and the operator can use the device immediately.

Forwarding received fax documents When faxes are received they can be stored in the device folders, and any zpeosport-iv documents can be printed after checking thumbnail previews.

Device authentication Device authentication apeosport-iv c3373 access to copy, print, scan and fax features by validating user names and passwords before use. Paper apeosport-iv c3373 and original data that have been lost can be regained and apeosport-iv c3373 used, saving time apeosport-iv c3373 hassle for users by eliminating rekeying chores. This ensures that colour is available to those individuals who truly leverage its power, such as sales teams and the marketing department.

SRA3 x mm12 x 19″ When using 91 to gsm weight cover sheets, 64 to 80gsm can be used for the body text. Audit Log capabilities let you know who sent what, and when.

ApeosPort-IV C3373 How To, FAQ & Answers

Use apeosport-iv c3373 the device can be restricted to specified users and linked with specific x3373 to enhance security and improve convenience for authorised users. From sleep mode to full operation apeosport-iv c3373 2 seconds – no need to wait!

Investigative work that was once tedious and time-consuming now becomes swift and effortless! When faxes are received they can be stored in the device folders, and any required documents can be printed after checking thumbnail previews.

Applied Maths FujiXerox ApeosPort-IV C – SCU – ANU

WHQL certified PCL and PostScript print apeosport-iv c3373 provide a consistent, easy-to-use interface for end-users that can greatly simplify your printing operations.

Image overwrite Image overwrite apeosport-iv c3373 feature clears or ‘overwrites’ all traces of any document image data remaining on the hard drive after a print, copy, scan or fax job when enabled. Faxes can be routed directly to an email account to conserve energy and paper. This reduces the apeosport-iv c3373 of paper required in an office and eliminates the need for unnecessarily printing faxes.

As a result, a fusing unit with the quickest start-up time of only 3 seconds providing Fuji Xerox with a tremendous competitive edge. B5 55 – gsm Finishing Tray Max: With this technology, the fusing apeosport-iv c3373 does not require pre-heating and apeosport-iv c3373 consume power when the machine is in standby mode. It also saves energy while the operator achieves new apeosport-iv c3373 levels, without even noticing. This function displays up to five leaves to indicate how environmentally friendly the print settings are.

Secure print Image overwrite.