When you plug in the USB cable and turn the printer on, a window pops up if you’re using XP or Vista, anyway giving you the option to run the program. The P-touch PC’s innovative “plug in and label” technology makes this the ideal labeller to share around the office. The Brother PTPC prints waterproof plastic labels, letting you use a PC keyboard and screen to design the labels and without needing its software installed on the PC. Some products look so good and work so well that you’ll want to come up with a reason to get one even if you don’t actually need it. The printer includes the program P-touch Editor Lite stored in internal memory that looks to Windows , XP, or Vista like a removable drive.

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Create personalised, durable labels for around your office, whenever and wherever they are required. That’s brother p-touch pt-2430pc all there is to it. Install it and you add the ability to print p-touxh codes along with some extras like more types of frames to choose from. Uses batteries or power adapter. There’s also one other difference between the two software choices.

P-touch Editor label design software.

P-Touch Printer | Brother PTPC

That said, it’s still a light version, lacking some important features, most notably the ability to print bar codes. David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni Most printers and other peripherals brother p-touch pt-2430pc complicated installation of software and drivers before they can be used; however, Brother has used the same technology found in USB flash memory drives within brother p-touch pt-2430pc P-touch PC.

Features and Specifications General. Where there is a need for organisation, there is a need for a P-touch label! Using one is much like typing a document on a typewriter, without the added flexibility you get from PC-based software. To brother p-touch pt-2430pc the full version, you have ptt-2430pc download it. More rugged and more p-touc than paper, they’re far more suitable for applications like labeling a computer cable to identify what it’s plugged into, labeling your stapler so it doesn’t wander too far from your brother p-touch pt-2430pc, and even for labels to use outdoors, where the waterproof feature is essential.

More precisely, you can either specify a length for a given label or set the program to automatically adjust the length to allow room for whatever text and graphics you add to the label. The P-touch PC’s innovative “plug in and label” technology makes this the ideal labeller to share around the office.

The PTPC is smaller than brother p-touch pt-2430pc typical paper-label printer, at 4. Brotyer can even run on six AAA batteries, although it comes with a power adapter.

Save brother p-touch pt-2430pc by labelling your telephone with frequently dialled numbers. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

You don’t even p-toouch to install software. You can also turn the feature off if you like, and cut brother p-touch pt-2430pc labels manually later. I timed brother p-touch pt-2430pc 2-inch text label, for example, at The printer was slightly, but consistently, faster in my tests with the full version of the program. Keep in mind, however, that the two printers aren’t direct competitors.

Brother PT-2430PC

Brother has a long history with printing this kind of brother p-touch pt-2430pc, although brother p-touch pt-2430pc Brother models aren’t designed to connect to a PC. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry.

Some products look so good and work so well that you’ll want to come brotheg with a reason to get one even p-toucn you don’t actually need it. Link to Support Find frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information. The LabelWriter Duo is more expensive, it combines a plastic-label brother p-touch pt-2430pc with a paper-label printer in one unit, and it isn’t meant to be portable.

If you need the kind of labels it prints, and especially if you need to print them at different locations, like home and office, or different offices in the same building, the PT is easy to recommend.

How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. Instead, brother p-touch pt-2430pc work as self-contained labeling systems, complete with their own built-in keyboards and one- to three-line monochrome Brotyer.

Cons A bit on the slow side.