I went to C: Sorry but I forced to disagree your advise above. I to have a problem with Quickcam zoom Have tried the link above but cannot find 32 bit version to download have I missed a link? Tuesday, April 17, 5: You can launch either the Logitech Webcam application OR Blue Iris, however, if you launch Logitech Webcam first, then try to launch Blue Iris, Blue Iris may say “Camera not Connected” because the Logitech Webcam application grabbed it first; however, you can run both applications simultaneously if you want, provided you launch Blue Iris first. When I click in the drives subfolder of the qcenu folder, a messege tell me that it is no possible to find the driver and the instalation failled.

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Wow thank you so much for your post Azural.

This logitech quickcam vista the same trick used for Windows 32 bit except that the new drivers from Logitech don’t unpack with WinRAR! Sorry guys I sent my disagree about your mater before, beause I did a Little confusion, I ligitech facing that you’re logitech quickcam vista about windows 7 RTM.

Saturday, October 17, 5: If you willing to try out and feedback is appreciated.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

Please I am despereately in need of a drive for my webcam as the above message shows. In the System window, select Device Manager from the Tasks logitech quickcam vista. Just DL the I just download the qczoom.

I’d given up hope! Tuesday, February 22, 5: Although I get a preview on my side, the recipient side always gets a black box. Diferent is only view in the devcie manager — 1, 2 or logitech quickcam vista devices with yellow question mark.

Then I browse to locate the driver.

Sorry but I forced to disagree your advise above. If anyone can help me, please don’t foregt me. Thank you, it works now. Im logitech quickcam vista win7 Ultimate. And this thread is still of value.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista – Tech Journey

Does anyone know how to fix this? Did this step by step. Unfortunately, Ill0gitech’s current quickcam software range has much less functionality than the old Image Studio that I had before the new stuff seems to be designed only for logitech quickcam vista with IM 5. Office Office Exchange Server.

Also has anyone tried this with the v11 of the driver now available? I used Ubuntu live CD: Saturday, October 02, Voila – the Quickcam Zoom now works fine on Logitech quickcam vista.

I can’t find the Drivers is in the damn folder. I tried have a couple older relatives install it on their own.

Im using this for the quickcam Logitech quickcam vista on win7 32 bit. Install 7-zip instead of Winrar.

Once it is detected, it will say that it’s not compatible; just click to continue installation anyway. This works for Windows 7 oogitech well!

Had to reboot to use the Quickcam adjustments eg volume, brightness etc. Is it in Bin? Logitdch used Hiren’s Boot cd and Volkov Commander with ntsfdos.