Works perfectly openSuSE Works only with TurboPrint or GutenPrint 5. After that you should have perfect results. Works using the ‘Lexmark Drivers’ one-click-install from the packman repository, and can be configured in YaST. No need to install 3rd party driver on

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Colkr it is not, it may require manual driver install. Often it will shut itself down when it’s prompted to print and then start the printing when turned on again. My printer is installed via a network share, provided by a Buffalo NAS drive. The printer is full supported. Can be configured directly from cups, or with hp-setup, if hplip version 2.

Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter Driver Printer driver download

Once you have the Gutenprint drivers ready, use the CUPS webinterface to add the Stylus S20 because yast fails with some obscure error messages. Network printing not tested. But I think it’s worth mentioning the security warning: Finally printer 13. with foo2zjs driver: AutodetectedUSB, Use “Print via Network” and “Connection Wizard” button. Also check to see if Default box is checked on the driver page, this will make it the Default printer for HP Toolbox.

Last Drivers  BIZHUB DI3010 DRIVER

Install with sudo sh autorun. Enter the following command.

Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter Driver Win9x/ME

USB, but runs installing hpijs. The address that is mentioned few times on this page: By default, the colors are fade. CD driver won’t work with Load driver from http: Samsung provided all required drivers and utilities. Tested with openSUSE Just make sure you are in the same location as the driver. When connected as a network printer you have full control pointing a browser at port 80 of the printer IP.

Offered driver Canon iP48oo: You need to download the drivers and compile. It seems that yast over gui does not allow to setup specific settings. Works well, uses RX driver for printer, scanner autodetected as RX, works perfectly, card reader detects all cards.

Postscript and PCL Ok. I doubt the ink level warnings are working properly so it might damage the printheads if you keep printing with a low ink level. Once it does retrieve the driver info make sure to select jetprintre hpijs driver if it doesnt already do that.


Works fine with hplip 1. It fully functions and even has support for head cleaning though I’ve not tried it. Collr it in and it autodetected. It worked with Tested on openSUSE Default printing is slower than default printing in Windows, but it can be changed using YaST Printer or dialog Properties from Print menu item in every application. CD Thermal Printer lacks Linux drivers.