You can also use the glassfish provided jdbc driver oracle. Oracle GlassFish Server 3. The port number on which your database server listens for connection requests, for example, , the default for Oracle Database Express Edition 11 g. Select the administration server, managed servers, or clusters to which you want to deploy the data source. You should see a message saying Ping succeeded. I will spread the word within AMIS about your request to send any future Glassfish related blog entries to the theaquarium email address. October 12, 0.

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Oracle GlassFish Server 3. For more information about these properties, see: Creating a Orale connection pool for the resource. I think it has something to do with the new Oracle JDBC driver and glassfish or at least the configuration.

In case of Oracle, the Glassfish Administration Guide asks for the ojdbc OracleDataSource which is the default or oracle. How to configure oracle thin connectionpool in glassfish server? Wouter van Reeven on July 20, Specify an Oracle Database. Deploying an Application to a Two-Instance Cluster. November 6, 0. Specify an Oracle Database You specify the database connection details in the persistence.

Last Drivers  ST2000DM001-9YN164 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

When I put on resource type: Thank you Dani for posting this up. Several pracle the values you enter in the file must match the values you chose when you defined the cluster, connection, and connection pool properties in GlassFish Server, as follows:. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Quick Start for Basic Features. Initial and Minimum Pool Size Set a zero value on this parameter.

To integrate the JDBC driver, you copy its JAR file into the domain and then restart the domain and instances to make the driver available. After having started you can check and verify that the installation and startup were done correctly by opening a browser and browsing to.

Use the create-jdbc-resource subcommand to create the JDBC resource, and name it so that the application can discover it using JNDI lookup, for example: Atleast that is where it worked jebc me as I am exploring this platform as a newbie….

I then deleted “FastConnectionFailoverEnabled” which also was false, and tried ping again. This blog will tell you how I did it.

How to setup a JDBC connection in Glassfish

I then copied a newer version down from Oracle — and that one failed both over 1, in size — or close to it. Then, as the application is used over time, you can set a variety of JDBC connection pool features to optimize performance. The default url for oracle 10g is jdbc: For more information about these properties, see:. You should see your screen like similar to this two images: With EclipseLink, you can enable logging to view the following information:.


Followup, I copied the newest driver back, and did a ping. Set the next additional properties:.

JDBC Connection Pools in Glassfish | Oracle Dana Singleterry’s Blog

For more information and downloads, see http: For each instance that you are starting, select the instance in the Server Instances table. How to construct a road setup a connection between a Java Application and a database in GlassFish 4. My goodness, I have had a helluva time getting to this point but I have finally one it.