Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Hybrid-like features such as longer blade length, less face progression and reduced sole contact with turf are morphed with fairway wood-like shaft length, head size and COR. The black and red head looks pretty cool too. For the first time of my life I hit the ball so far out that I could not even see it start to come down. It broke where the shaft meets the club head. Nickent also offers a square and traditional… remember 5 years ago when new technology was simply weighting adjustments and new metals… Bottom line… having different options Nike, Callaway, Adams to choose from is a GOOD thing.

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It took 3 weeks they sent the club and shaft to Adams and I just got it back today. I was playing a round in prep for a tournament the next day. Ther are coming out with a new model and getting these off the shelves. Red will offer the highest launch and spin, while blue will provide medium launch and spin, and black the least in both.

DOing a lot of research, I first tried the Cobra- sounds and feels aweful, no distance. Cleveland Hibore- one hit and that thing sounds like porcelain breaking. I was hitting it very well when a drive only went yards…I immediately knew.


Adams Golf Introduces Insight XTD Drivers

For example, mallrat said: Every production line is going to have a margin of error and fail rates. And insght the subject of fire, asked about the potential change following his Turkish Airlines Open win, Rose said.

I hithe the 3 wood off the tee further than the guys hit there driver. We are playing a 3 day tourney and boy is he insiyht for a surprise! Sure, these drivers do look alright. I called Adams and they told me to take it an authorize retailer and have them send it to Adams. Once again, not trying diminish your situation, I would be made as hell.

Adams Golf Insight XTD Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow Up to previous post: In addition to endorsing its products, pro golfer Tom Watson assists in design and testing. Also, the center of gravity is positioned to allow for increased launch angle and greater spin for slower swing speed players. It has no feel to it at all.

Like I mentioned in my response to Army Colonel your story is quite unusual.

I work at Golf Town and this was the most often defective product that we had to send back to Adams for a replacement. These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment. R shaft was occasionally longer but the From there, Adams integrates key design elements from current hybrid and fairway-wood models.


To have multiple failures on multiple clubs is extraordinary.

Adams Golf Insight XTD a3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 10 reviews –

Here is one right here: Something else I liked about the ball flight is that the launch angle is a little lower. Shot 4 under par with 1 bogy. However, Adams is more than just a one-trick pony. How totally embarrassing, I emailed Adams and the did not reply. The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number of transactions a value is based on as well as the most recent transaction date. Yesterday, while playing, it had slipped on the shaft again.

Please try again later!

Just bought an Insight XTD a3 and immediately tried it at the range. I read somewhere that adams had the best results with this club — ball combo on a swing machine. Then I was getting 20 to 30 yards more, due to the fact I was hitting a lower launch angle and the extra roll.