Bit depth means the number of bits per pixel, so the higher the bit depth, the greater number of colors the system can scan. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity. For print quality, part of the ink from the included cartridges is used for printer startup and a variable amount of ink remains in the cartridges after the “replace cartridge” signal. We apologize, it looks like the system is down. You need a scanner with a flatbed for photos or other easily damaged originals, bound material, and 3D objects. All ink colors are used for printing and all-in-one maintenance, and all colors have to be installed for printing.

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I’m having paper feed problems. Select the questions to view the answers My printout contains garbled characters when I print from Windows or my Mac. Printing and scanning seems slow on my product when I use a wireless connection router or access point. Can my product still print if an ink cartridge is expended or not installed? This firmware update should only be used if your printer’s control panel displays a Recovery Mode error. My printout has a slight slant.

Can I use Epson Scan with my Mac? Can synchronize your documents with a USB drive. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency. I see the message Printer is Nc330.


It takes a long time to cancel a print job when I use my product’s Cancel button. Can synchronize documents with Evernote. The quality of my printed output is unacceptable. The Epson Nx3330 Monitor 3 is incorporated into this driver.

For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or UV filter or properly store them. Epson iPrint makes printing easy and convenient whether your printer is in the next room or across the world.

I can print wirelessly to my product on my home network, but I can’t print when I connect the same computer to a VPN virtual private network. Do not unplug, power-off or attempt to use the printer during the update process. Wireless or Wired Connection. Can I print on vellum paper? How do I print a multi-page document from Windows or my Mac so it stacks in the correct page order? The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.

Epson Stylus NX | Epson Stylus Series | All-In-Ones | Printers | Support | Epson US

Select the questions to view the answers What kind of paper gives the best results for high quality printing? Epson does not guarantee the longevity of prints. My printout has lines running through it. Web pages jx330 print the way they are displayed on my monitor. With a long enough length you could print a long banner.


EPSON Stylus NX User’s Guide

You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. The device has a standard memory slot such as an SD or micro SD card slot so that you can either extend the nx33 storage with affordable memory modules or you can retrieve data, such as photographs, nz330 from a memory card. I see a communication error when I try to print with a USB connection. This combo package consists of the following items: Get the latest drivers, FAQs, manuals and more for your Epson product.

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Epson iPrint App for iOS. Stay Connected with Epson Submit Thank you for signing up! Can synchronize documents directly to network.

How do I set default print settings when I print from Windows or my Mac? Select the questions to view the answers Where can I find the IP address of my router?